Cool Pilot Jobs You Can Obtain With Flight Training Certifications

Becoming a pilot involves quite an extensive span of instruction from a flight training school. With this training and education, many students will move onto positions in the airline industry. However, maybe you are not interested in a job in this field, but would rather use your skills in a different type of career. If so, you should know that your flight training will open doors to all kinds of different career opportunities. Here is a look at some of the cooler job opportunities that can top the list if you don't see yourself being a commercial airline pilot. 

Become a flight instructor with your flight training. 

Those who have a love of teaching and flying can see both of their passions combine in a career that is rewarding as a flight training instructor or aviation training teacher. Because the majority of flight training students move on to become pilots in some form or fashion, there is almost always a high demand for flight instructors in aviation schools. There is especially a high demand for women flight instructors because there is such an unbalance between male and female students interested in training as well as instruction. 

Become a medical flight operator. 

The people who transport patients to hospitals when their situation is dire are known as medical pilots. Most often these pilots fly a helicopter because this aircraft can get to places where there is no landing strip. These people go through flight training or aviation school, but they also usually have some degree of medical training. If you are interested in the medical field and would also like to fly, this could be an awesome career choice for you. Medical pilots can find jobs with hospitals, ambulatory services, and various other medical facilities. 

Become a goods distribution pilot in a remote area. 

In places like Alaska where the population is far from dense, it is more logical for consumers to have their goods flown to them than for them to travel to the nearest store to get what they need. In these areas, pilots to deliver goods are always in high demand. many of these pilots invest in their own small aircraft to serve the public as a private contractor, but there are also stores and other businesses who will hire you on as a pilot to fly their planes and deliver goods to customers as the goods are ordered. 

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