3 Tips To Prepare For Your Little One's First Day Of Kindergarten

Sending your child off to kindergarten for the first time is an exciting milestone and an experience you will likely remember for years to come. If you want your child's first day of school to go off without a hitch, you'll no doubt want to take steps to prepare your little one for what lies ahead. Here are three tips to follow ahead of the big day to ensure your child begins his or her education on the right foot.

​Meet the Teacher in Advance

Many kindergartens provide an opportunity for children to come in and meet the teacher before the first day of school arrives. Schedule a visit to the classroom earlier in the summer and give your child a chance to get acquainted with the new environment. Make a list of questions ahead of time to help put your own mind at ease as well.

Start Your Child's Bedroom Routine Now

If your little one frequently stays up later than what is ideal, it's important to create a bedtime routine before the first school night actually arrives. Set clear guidelines for when the child must start getting ready for bed. You can start a fun routine by brushing your teeth alongside your child or spending some time in their room reading a book with them. Form bedtime habits now and your child will be used to the process once school starts.

Create an After School Routine As Well

While the first day of school itself will clearly be your main focus here, it's also important to set expectations on what the child should be doing when they come back from school. You can assist in this process by setting up a dedicated area for the child to do any homework. Kindergarteners will not have extensive assignments like older kids but you should help them start good lifelong work habits now whenever possible. Provide an after school snack at the same time every day and a time for them to focus on their school work. Stock the homework area with fun supplies such as colorful markers or make a personalized sign.

If you want your child's introduction to school to go well, you need to prepare in advance for the first day of school. Make your child more comfortable by letting them visit the classroom and meet the teacher before class actually starts. Create good habits that will last the rest of their childhood by creating a bedtime and after school routine for your child to follow. Reach out to your local kindergarten today for more tips and tricks.Contact a school, like Triple R Child Care, to get started.