Are You New In The United States?

Are you a newcomer to the United States of America? Perhaps you are in this country to study, or maybe your business has sent you to the USA. Is it a permanent move? For whatever reason that you are living in the United States, and for whatever length of time you will be here, you are more than likely very interested in learning the English language. Of course, just living your life among English-speaking people will be very helpful. However, there is more that you can do to learn English more rapidly. From signing up for classes to watching American movies, here are some things that might help you to learn English well. 

Don't Get Frustrated - Before you even start your English language classes, know that English can be a tricky language to learn. For example, if you speak Spanish, you pronounce each vowel the same way each time you say it. That's not so in English. For instance, the combination of the letters O, U, G, and H are pronounced differently in the words rough, though, thought, and through. See how crazy that can be to learn? 

When you take English lessons, your teacher will more than likely go over certain rules of American English pronunciation. He or she will also probably tell you that rules are often broken. For more information on learning American English pronunciation, contact a company like Accent-American.

Do The Extras - Think of things that you can do outside of the classroom. For sure, talk to people in English every chance that you can. Another thing that you might try is watching movies in English, but with subtitles in your own native language. Watch them over and over again, and you'll see that you are learning not only pronunciation, but many vocabulary words as well. That's true with listening to the radio and music with English lyrics, too. And, don't be afraid to ask people to speak more slowly or to repeat something that you did not understand the first time it was said.

Besides enrolling in English language classes in a school, find out if a local library teaches English as a second language. If so, the class will more than likely be free. Whether you take an English language class in an actual school setting or whether you study the English language in a library, remember that practice is a very important part of learning your new language. Before you know it, you'll be helping somebody else who is new in the country.